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Pre-owned wedding gowns, why not?

Sep 17, 2013

Of interest to some of our young brides are the sources for buying used gowns. Some times the cost is prohibitive for young couples who want to save their money. We have many brides shopping eBay and Craig's list for bargains in pre-owned gowns. This includes quinceanera, prom dresses as well. Let's face it, there are a lot more available gowns in the market that are in excellent shape, worn once, maybe cleaned and ready for the next user. We found a few sites that are well organized, offer some exceptional savings and purport to offer extraordinary customer service.

You can select from an extensive array of gowns, many offer money back guarantee if there is something you don't like about the dress or find it unalterable to fit your size. If you are in the market and are able to shop and plan well enough ahead, finding a pre-owned gown that suits you may be the best deal. We at Iowa Bridal Preservation, work closely with our brides in insuring the gown is clean, properly pressed and finished, and modified to insure a great looking fit. Our seamstresses are ready to make necessary modifications should the size you choose need some adjustment. You need to be sure that the seller, even on eBay, allows you a no cost return window should you changed your mind or found something different than what you ordered. Iowa Bridal Preservation can assist you along your way to finding your perfect dress.

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