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Petticoats at Iowa Bridal Preservation

The Picture Perfect Petticoat

You've always dreamed of a spectacular outdoor background for your wedding photos, but you're worried about soiling your beautiful bridal gown. Or you are worried about walking on the grass at your outdoor wedding or crossing dirty parking lots and city streets on the way to your indoor wedding.

No need to worry! Now you can walk anywhere - through grass, mud, or across wet asphalt - without getting your beautiful bridal gown dirty.

Comfortable and easy to wear under your wedding gown, the PicturePerfect Petticoat protects your gown from any dusty, muddy, or dirty surface-indoors or outdoors. Just draw up the strings. Your Picture Perfect Petticoat safely wraps around your wedding gown and lifts it up off the ground.

Keep your perfect gown in perfect condition with your Picture Perfect Petticoat.

Rain or shine, indoors or outdoors, the perfect way to go anywhere on your special day without worrying about what might happen to your wedding gown.

Either way you'll be perfectly covered-and so will your beautiful wedding gown. You may order your Picture Perfect Petticoat directly from us in time for your special event, just $75 from Iris City Cleaners.

P.S. If you are one of those brides who are thinking about "Trash the Dress" go right ahead. Iris City Cleaners can return your wedding gown to its original beauty-unless your gown is silk duchesse satin. If your gown is silk, you might think twice or ask us for advice before you make the decision to trash the dress.

P.P.S. If your trash the dress session involves water, be sure you hang it to air dry. Don't pack it wet or it will get moldy and don't try to wring it out because you will just turn your wedding gown into one big wrinkle. After you trash your dress, just bring your dry gown to Iris City Cleaners.

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