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We own a boutique, tuxedo and bridal salon in Galena, Illinois. I knew of Iris City Cleaners through my aunt who works for the local newspaper in their city. We ordered a special brides maid dress in an ivory trim that, when it arrived, did not match the shade of ivory we wanted. We called Iris City Cleaners about the possibility of dying the trim to match the shade of ivory we needed. Then sent it them to apply their process. We sent a sample of the color along with the dress which was mostly chocolate in color except for the trim. My father picked up the dress two weeks later and the color match was now perfect. We live about 200 miles from them but are now going to use them for a lot more of their services. We have their business cards and wedding gown care, cleaning, preservation, and restoration brochures in our shop and recommend all of their services to our brides. We have no cleaners in our town and since my father works in south eastern Iowa it is easy for us to get things back and forth. What a wonderful shop and it is rare that you will find anyone who offers the extent of service particularly in the formal gown and wedding gown arena. Almost forgot to mention. We have many brides interested in having ”green weddings”, and we are so pleased to know that Iris City Cleaners offers a “Carbon Offset” as an included part of their gown cleaning and preservation.

Galena Illinois

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