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Emergency Bridal Gown Kit - Iowa Bridal Gown Preservation

Emergency Bridal Gown Kit

Emerg_KitEmergency Bridal Kit – $35

Iowa Bridal Preservation Exclusive
The Emergency Bridal Kit-Every Bride’s Must-Have Accessory

Because on your special day, little emergencies always happen, we have assembled a carry along emergency accessory kit to help eliminate catastrophe. The use of its content, as needed, will help make the most important day in your life a trouble free one and alleviate the worries of anything that could happen by having items on hand to deal with anything that does happen.

Here is a list of its content:

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Hair spray
Sewing kit for repairs
Band aids
Extra safety pins
Extra straight pins
A comb
Hand lotion
Emery board
Kleenex tissue
Extra buttons
Extra sequins
Extra beads
Extra gown buttons
Cotton balls
A Silver Sixpence for your shoe on a gift card
Hand sanitizer
Upset tummy tablets
Headache tablets
Nail clippers
LintUps for lint removal
Smelling salts for nausea and fainting
2 Stain removal solutions with directions
Janie sticks for grease stains
White and colored sewing thread
Bobby pins
2 Straws for saving your lipstick while drinking
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Emergency Bridal Gown Cleaning and Care
Always have safety pins on hand. All too often someone steps on your bridal gown or you catch your bridal gown on something, and pins will get you through the day. Be prepared for a broken bustle loop, torn strap or broken zipper. In fact, full-service bridal salons often put several safety pins into the underside of the bridal gown for just such accidents. In a pinch you can use sticky tape or even staples, but you run the risk of damaging the fabric of the wedding gown. Better to avoid pinches. Ask your on-site consultant, mom, maid of honor, favorite aunt or mistress of ceremonies to bring a handful of safety pins to the ceremony and reception.

ibp-4Know the fabric of your wedding gown. Your consultant at the bridal shop should be able to advise you on fiber content and what to do in case of a spill. When you spill something on artificial fiber, it is much easier to get rid of the stain than if you spill something on a natural fiber such as silk. Natural fibers are hollow and absorb the spill. In either case, unless the spill is major and makes you uncomfortable, better leave the spot alone until you can get professional treatment for your bridal gown. If you must do something and the stain is coffee, mud, blood, tea or some other water-soluble stain, dab the spot gently with cool water and air dry. Club soda will also work.

CAUTION: silk and rayon, particularly silk and rayon velvets, are water-sensitive, and you may have permanent water spots.

Try camouflaging spots on your wedding gown with something white and relatively harmless such as baking soda, cornstarch, or baby powder (white-out and shoe polish are tricky)—especially if the stain is not water soluble. Grease, lipstick, and other cosmetics can only be dissolved by solvents such as cigarette-lighter fluid. If the solvent contains alcohol, it can also dissolve any dye that may have been used to color your wedding gown. Again, better leave the spot alone until you can get professional treatment for your wedding gown.

If you are fortunate to have one of Iris City Cleaners Bridal Emergency Kits which contains nearly 80 separate items to help with emergencies and avoid catastrophe. In that kit are stain removal solutions and directions. A great value and an indispensable kit to help avoid catastrophe on your special day.

MOST IMPORTANT OF ALL: No matter how much you love your gown; try to remember your family and friends share your happiness on your special day. They will be looking at you and not for spots or tears on your bridal gown!

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What a great job Iris City Cleaners did in restoring my special wedding outfit! My husband bought me a traditional Scandinavian wedding dress while we were traveling before our wedding in 1958. It hung in my closet for the many years and had yellowed badly but still was in good shape. One of my daughters was helping me clean out forgotten areas in our closets and came across it. Her daughter was planning to get married soon and she had always dreamed of wearing grandmother’s dress for her own wedding. She has been looking at the pictures for years. So we already knew of Iris City Cleaners having been in business nearly 70 years in our community so we explored with them the restoration process and making alterations as needed, and guess what, when all done the gown was the same color as my mother remembered it, custom fit to my daughters size and what a wonderful day, and the wedding photos have a remarkable resemblance of both the gown and my mother in it on her own special day. We thank you Iris City Cleaners for what wonderful service you have provided us.

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